Primary Benefits
  1. Helps balance moisture levels in the skin
  2. Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
  3. Promotes an even skin tone and healthy complexion
  4. Emotionally uplifting


Producing Rose Essential Oil is highly intricate. Harvesting the flowers is done by hand and before sunrise.

The distillation process must take place the very same day to ensure that the infamous fragrance of the rose is locked in. Rose is most commonly used for emotional balance and skin health, however throughout history rose oil uses have ranged from digestive to hormonal and almost anything in between, including immune, heart health, and more.

Emotional Benefits

Emotionally and energetically, rose oil benefits the heart as well.

It’s said to have the highest vibrational frequency of any other oil and opens one’s heart and soul to love and spiritual connection. In this way, it may help a person dealing with fear, stress, or hard-heartedness, and even help to heal relationships with one’s self and others.